Pichak Team

Everyone who works at Pichak has the unique purpose of “growth”. At Pichak we increase our users, money, experience and our skills. These are the solutions to compete in a global market and to be able to attract users around the world.

Here we are a family, we are friendly enough to understand each other, and talented enough to have a lot of things to teach each other.

We are careful about hiring, and hand-picking new teammates. This is the magic behind our friendly environment.

Meet the team behind Pichak’s products

Hasan Aghdasi

Alireza Borzabadi

Vahid Ashrafian

Faezeh Attarzadeh

Ali Ehsanfar

Sepideh Gheysar

Mojtaba Khodabandeh

Kimia Maleki

Morteza Milani

Hamid Rezazadeh

Shadi Sabzali

Amir Sabbaghi

Mohsen Damoukh

Mahdi Dibaiee

Zahra Esmaelipour

Ali Fattaholmanan

Mohamad Gheysariha

Shayan Hashemi

Alireza Maddahi

Behnam Pishali

Fahime Ghasemi

Sama Ghoba

Ehsan Rahimi

Iman Roomana

Hasan Tabatabaie